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Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Do My Pajamas Say About Me?

Most days, when I don't have class, I wear my pajamas all day. Or I change into sweats. Does this make me like one of those middle-aged married women who doesn't care any more about her appearance? I don't even have kids yet--just books. Lots and lots and lots of books.

Maybe I should start making more of an effort again, but let's be honest. You can't curl up with a good book in the same way when you're wearing jeans, and since I have to read so much, I might as well enjoy it, right?

Or, maybe grad school is just increasing my dormant tendencies to be reclusive. I used to go out every chance I could--in high school and the first few years of college. Once I got a comfy couch, a couple of cool roommates, and a boyfriend who would stay over, I didn't see the point of going out nearly as much. And now that the husband comes built-in and Amazon delivers to my door--what is there to go out for, other than occasionally stocking up on cheese and vodka?

So, it's back to my original question: have I reached middle age before I've even turned twenty-five?? Let's consider the signs:

1) I wear pajamas and sweats 3 days a week minimum.

2) I don't wear make-up on those days, either. In fact, I've started going out in public more often without it, too.

3) I've gotten too lazy to go out and buy a new bathing suit because I don't really want to show off my thighs (though my somewhat biased husband says he likes my legs...) and there's no way I'm going to wear one of those bathing suits with the little skirts.

4) Ask me to do something, and at least half the time, the answer is I'd rather sleep.

Hmmm... I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Of course, this list makes me sound like a total bum, when really, I'm working my ass off so that someday all of you must address me as Dr. Schultz. And I must admit, I think I still clean up pretty well. When I actually feel like going out, that is. So maybe I should just think of my wardrobe comprised of sweats as the official uniform of grad school. It's kinda cool--I even get to wear those special fuzzy slipper socks all the time.

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